Jenna Fowler

Artist & Illustrator

Amaranthine cover WIP + Twitter

Working on the Amaranthine game book cover. Its been a painstaking process, but I like the direction it’s going in. Still a lot of composition and pose tweeks to do! And working on fleshing out their individual designs… Oi! Lots of work!

Also, I got a twitter account. Follow me!!/JennaFowlerArt

4 Responses to “Amaranthine cover WIP + Twitter”

  1. Jason Pitre

    I love the pencil sketches, but the blue background doesn’t quite grab me. The high colour contrast (Blue-yellow)seems a little clashing to the eyes. I just don’t feel the “eternity” statement with the cover as currently stated, though the stained glass is certainly nice.

    • Jenna

      Yeah, the color scheme is definitely going to be changing. I’m mostly just figuring out layout and composition right now. But I will definitely keep your criticism in mind. Thank you for the comment!


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