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Artist & Illustrator

Emergency Commission Sale! Cheap prices!

EDIT #2: Tires ended up being more than I expected, so I’m looking to take one or two more commissions. Only thing is, I won’t be able to finish them before I leave for Gen Con, it’ll have to be done when I get home, after the 8th. Still interested? I’m also leaving tomorrow morning and will have no/little internet access during the con, so I might be slow to reply if you email me after tomorrow. But still! Email me at 

So, I’m going to Gen Con next week… but wouldn’t you know, when I go to get my oil changed on my car to prepare for it, they notice golf ball sized bubbles in my tires. My luck, huh? So I need to buy new tires before I can even think about making the trip. Not safe to drive otherwise. I barely have enough money to pay for the tires and the hotel/gas, but… that leaves no money for food and stuff. So to try to work up some fast cash for the trip, I’m gonna be doing a little  marathon of commissions. I’m only going to take as many as I can finish before the Con. I don’t want to come back to a flood of work. (Plus I already got other things I need to work on.)

Low prices, just for this!

Basically, here’s the offer:


$12 for a one character B&W sketch. Similar to the ones above. It’ll be a bit messy, with some simple shading. No background. I might add a few dollars to it if the character is really complex.


$20 for a one character inked drawing, with mostly flat/simple coloring. Again, similar to the above. No background. Might add up to five extra dollars if it’s very complex.

If you want more than one character in the drawing, or a more complex drawing, it’ll be extra. PLEASE don’t ask for one if you cannot pay for it NOW. The point of this is to get quick money. Also, only Paypal will be accepted.

Email me at if you are interested!

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