Gen Con, Commissions, and more sacrelarious art.

So, back from Gen Con! I had an awesome time, though there were a couple of lows thrown in. Mostly just from my inexperience with cons. Now I know what to expect, and how to prepare better for next time. I think next year I’ll try to have my own artist booth, maybe. Or try to share one with someone. I think I’d have more fun if I’m working. I met some awesome people though, so I’m happy about that.

But now it’s time to get back to work! I have several projects to work on. Starting with some 1960s mini figurines! Should be fun. I’ll post some of the better ones once they’re finished.

Though, just to warn people… There is a possibility that I might be a bit slower than usual while working on these commissions. I think I might be developing carpal tunnel… Damn, it hurts to draw. Or grip anything, really. My hand has been numb for a week now. Unfortunately I don’t have the money to go to a doctor right now or buy a hand brace. But I will soon! So it should be fine, but until I get it handled I won’t be able to work as hard and fast as I might usually. I’ll keep everyone updated, though.

Apparently people like to commission me to draw religious themed artwork. Not that I mind! I find it pretty funny, actually. A friend of mine commissioned this quick piece from me before Gen Con, and I decided to do it first to get me back into the grove of doing artwork. Needed something fun to get through the hand pain.

Apologies if you are offended. It’s a joke picture, really. Though I am pretty proud of the hot naked women- always a plus. Not bad for an evening of work.

I have my fingers crossed that I hear back from some of the people I talked to at Gen Con about artwork! Woo!


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