Information about commissions.

I’m a full time artist. I don’t have a “day job”. This is what I do, and what I’m passionate about. I do get some published work on occasion doing illustrations for books, but that’s not exactly reliable. I need to start taking in steady commissions to survive.

Also… this is for private commissions! Meaning one person is buying it, to enjoy for their own sake. If you’re looking to commission me for artwork that will be published or resold somehow (Covers, interior art, pdfs, etc.), that’s a whole different matter. If that is the case, email me! We’ll work out reasonable prices.

Things to keep in mind when ordering:
-EMAIL ME ORDERS. You can post comments, tweet me, or whatever with questions, but all orders that are not EMAILED to me are invalid. I keep a very detailed record of my commissions, and it’s easier to keep things organized if they’re all in the same place. My email is:

-More information is better. I like knowing what your character is really like, not just their appearance. Their personality, background, and any other special quirks will help me bring out their charm better. Feel free to send (short, please) narratives about them. Reference pictures are GREATLY appreciated as well.

-I only accept paypal. You do not need an account to send money through paypal, just a credit card.

-You do not have to pay when you order. HOWEVER, people that pay up front will always get top priority, even if you ordered before them. Thus, it might take longer for me to finish your artwork if you don’t pay ahead of time. Either way, you must send the payment before I will send you the finished product.


Some other things to know:
-Published artwork will always take top priority, since they have deadlines I have to meet.

-The above prices are not law. They are guidelines. I’m always open to negotiation, if you feel like your commission is simple enough to warrant a cheaper price. Don’t be afraid to ask me for discounts. Just keep in mind I might (and probably will) say no. Likewise, I reserve the right to charge more if I feel like your request is too complicated.

-Don’t be afraid to ask questions, or order something you think is silly. I’m actually a pretty nice person. This is a business to me. I’m here to help, provide, and make you happy with quality artwork.

-Unless you ask me not to, I reserve the right to upload your commission to DeviantArt, and/or onto my website.

-You cannot remove my signature from your commission. Your copy will not be watermarked.

-All commissions are DIGITAL. If you’re looking for something traditionally rendered, feel free to email me and we’ll negotiate prices.

Thank you!

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