Some WIPs, current projects, and portraits!

I’m alive! Really. As pretty much everyone knows, I’ve been having some issues with my hand lately. I have carpal tunnel, and the pain and numbness was pretty bad for a while. So took a break from drawing for the most part and tried to heal up. It’s doing a lot better lately! I’ve finally broken in my arm brace so it’s helped a lot. Learning to pace myself is good too.

I’ve been working on a ton of things, various different projects. Here’s a few!

I’m doing some mini figurines for James “Grim” Desborough for a 60s spy game. It’s been fun to do. Here are some of them that I liked.

Also working on some private commissions. Here’s one of my favs, for the wonderful Jeremy Kostiew. Some Exalted characters. It’s a huge pic, but it’s been fun to do. Sketch commission, obviously.

A few other commissions as well, but they’re not really far enough along to post a WIP or teaser.

Also… I’ve apparently gotten into doing digital portraits! They don’t take that long to do and were a blessing when my hand was in pain. Being able to just paint instead of keeping my hand stiff to ink outlines was good for my hand. I did the first one for fun for a friend of mine as a gift, and wouldn’t ya know, my mom saw it and begged me to do a couple for her. Never one to turn down money, I whipped one up… And she emailed it to about a hundred of her friends. Dang! And they all want ones too. 🙂 Who am I to complain?

Here’s the one I did for my friend, and then the one I did for my mom. It’s of her friend’s daughter, Elinor. (I sure hope she doesn’t read my blog, since it’s a surprise Christmas present!) I’m doing one of Elinor’s twin brother as well, but it’s not finished.

And here are some unfinished ones! Baby Victor, and a couple I’m doing of some woman’s father. One is him older, the other from an old photograph of him as a young man.

If anyone is interested in getting a portrait done, they’re 20$ each. They’re digital though, so it’s your own responsibility to get it printed and framed. Email me at if you have any questions.

Lets see… what else is new. Hmm. Looks like I (hopefully, if things follow through), will be signing up to work for Savage Mojo. I’m VERY excited about that! Got some other small projects that might come in the future as well that I’m looking forward to. More information about them when things start happening.

So, yeah… tl;dr: I’m not dead! Getting back to my original pace, pain be damned!

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