Jenna Fowler

Artist & Illustrator

Status Update! (Not dead, I promise.)

Whoa man, been a while since I posted. Sorry about that! I’ve been around, just really caught up in stuff. I had a couple of big commissions that had strict deadlines, so spent a week or two working on them…

Then my dog ate my tablet pen. Again. Second time. Seriously, I don’t know what sick enjoyment she gets out of tearing a little plastic stick to tiny bits. And for some reason Wacom takes like… two weeks to send me a new one. Sigh. So yeah. By the time I got it I had to go out of town for a week, and when I got back I fought through a wall of horrible art block and depression. FINALLY getting through it, though.

I hate making excuses. I know I owe people stuff. I swear I haven’t forgotten anyone, though. I promise I’m getting to work this week and I’ll at least have some progress WIPs to send people soon. (If anyone is coming up on a deadline or something and they need something by a specific date, PLEASE let me know. Though as far as I know everything right now doesn’t have deadlines, so I’m working on them when I can.)

So yeah. That’s that. I’m here, around, working again. Apologies I didn’t keep in touch more. I’m still getting used to the whole blogging regularly thing.

Anyway! Here’s some artwork I did a few weeks back. Was a present for someone’s anniversary, I believe.

I like how it came out, but it took waaay longer than I thought it would.

Also, finished those portraits in time for the commissioner’s mother’s birthday! The woman that ordered them is the daughter of this man, she wanted them for her mother’s birthday.

In other news, I finalized my contract with Savage Mojo. Which is awesome. I’m excited about getting some more artwork published, and being a part of a team. Hopefully will have more news about that as well.

In other other news… I’ve been planning my wedding lately! Oh boy. Next spring is going to be an exciting few months.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for being patient with me.

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