Jenna Fowler

Artist & Illustrator

(Possible) Short Comic Designs

Later this year I’m going to be working on a project that will involve me doing a 40 page or so comic. I’ve never really made a comic in a serious, completed sense. So I’m considering trying to do a really short one (Like 10 pages max). Like illustrating a short story or something, to get some practice in. Not really sure what I’m doing, but I’ve been playing around with some ideas.

Anyway, I’m considering one option, a little tale based on the English legend of Herne the Hunter. I’d already have the story worked out if I go this route, but I’m not sure if it’s interesting enough.

But yeah. Did some design sketches while I was pondering it. I thought I’d share.

3 Responses to “(Possible) Short Comic Designs”

    • Jenna

      Well, hard to describe briefly. Mostly it would be about Herne meeting and saving a woman that would become his wife. So sort of a dark romance sort of thing.


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