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Collection of helpful art resources

I’ve become pretty addicted with tumblr. Whether you like it or not, it has a pretty excellent artist community. I’ve picked up quite a few helpful resources and tips I’ve found through tumblr that have helped me lately. Figured I’d share!

I absolutely LOVE this tutorial. It’s easy once you practice it some. It’s helped me draw faces and heads a little better, when I want a more realistic style:

Great post on how to draw ears:

Easy way to get color palettes in Photoshop!

FEET. I think I have a harder time drawing feet than I do anything else. So this is nice:

Actually, this whole blog is great:

Probably my current favorite. Just because I love men’s fashion and a man in a suit is sexy:

More feet stuff. Boots/shoes are hard as well:

Great references for bodies in motion. Rest of the blog is awesome too:

This is something every artist should read. It will really help you vary your body types:

Useful cheat for helping you figure out perspective:

Long, but very detailed reference for human anatomy:

God, I love this. 3D images of hands you can move around! And other body parts:

Tips for painting skin:

Principles of good space division:

Holy crap this is the best thing ever! You can upload a picture and it gives you a color palette from it, and even recommends colors that will work with them:

Huge list of photoshop brushes that popular artists use, and tutorials on how to use them:

Character art guide:

This blends two colors together and gives you the gradients in between, no matter how much two colors clash:

Good reference for armor:

More armor:

Hey more feet:

Very helpful for understanding body language:

This whole list is awesome, actually:

Never stop loving gamut masking:

Posemaniacs’ poses are a bit stiff and not completely anatomically accurate, but I love doing this 30 second challenge to warm up and help create gestures if you don’t have a live model:

Here’s some 90 second sketches I’ve done lately!

Enjoy and go make art!

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