Jenna Fowler

Artist & Illustrator

Steampunking it up with The Ministry Initiative

Can I just say once again that I have a love/hate relationship with Steampunk? This project was no different! I loved it, but it certainly was challenging. I am SO pleased with the results, though. The Ministry Initiative is by Galileo Games. Enjoy the tinkery!


JennaFowlerAuralscopesmall JennaFowlerCodeMachinesmall JennaFowlerDorlexaLightningBugsmall JennaFowlerDorlexaLoxodontasmall JennaFowlerFlyingApparatussmall JennaFowlerGrapplingHookRiflesmall JennaFowlerHelmetsmall JennaFowlerNight-VisionGogglesSmall JennaFowlerPalmDeviceSmall JennaFowlerPluresOrnamentumSMALL

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