Jenna Fowler

Artist & Illustrator

Character Art for Amelia Faulkner

My good friend Amelia Faulkner commissioned me a while back to start doing character art for her website, so she could do character profiles. I love her books, so I thought this was a pretty awesome deal. If you like M/M paranormal romance, you should check out her stuff. Its awesome. Hopefully I’ll be doing more for her in the future!


Wedding invitations

My old college room mate asked if I could design her wedding invitations. How can I turn that down? They’re simple, but I just love how they turned out. So you get to see them too! There’s text that goes in the center, but obviously I left that off because–well, personal information and all. Both of their last names end with M, thus the double Ms.


Firey Birthintines Day

Another very special commission I did. This one I did for my very best friend, who has a birthday on Valentines Day. (Thus lovingly renaming the day Birthintines Day.) This is of one of her favorite RP characters, a psychic named Quentin with pyrokinetic abilities. (Could you guess!?) And yes, if you’re a fan of male models, his appearance is totally based off of Sean O’Pry.


The Faceless

I don’t think it’s any secret by now that I love drawing creepy things. Bring on the horror! This is a commission I got to do for Phil Garrad. I wish I got to do more creepy and painty stuff.


Redemption RPG

I was over the moon to see that Silent Spirits Games managed to successfully complete their Kickstarter for Redemption! They have been some of the sweetest, most patient people I have ever worked with, and I hope the game ends up being very successful in the future as well. And other things the publish. Seriously, go look at their stuff.

Here’s a couple more concept sketches I did. Creating space ships is NOT my strongest skill, but they turned out alright, I think? Also some of the interior illustrations.

JennaFowlerArmory2 JennaFowlerByOtherMeans JennaFowlerForYourEyesOnly JennaFowlerPsionic JennaFowlerToolbox

JennaFowlerDropShipCONCEPTSKETCH2 JennaFowlerDragonClassEscortCONCEPTSKETCH JennaFowlerdGunMissleFrigate

Puppy Love

There are times that some commissions need their own posts. I’m very proud of this one, also because it was a Christmas present for my mother. It’s of her boxer, Rocky, who is seriously the sweetest dang dog in the whole world.