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Commission Dump

I’ve done quite a few commissions of the past year or so, but here’s a couple of my favorites.


A friend of mine commissioned some fanart of Betty Calahan from the Young Wizards book series by Diane Duane. I believe this is from the book The Wizards Dilemma.


This one was commissioned by a lovely woman that wanted an image depicting a moment between Satan and God. I don’t want to say anything that might be a misrepresentation of her religion, so I’ll leave it at that!


And this one is a steampunked portrait of my step-father, which was commissioned by my Mom.

Mage: The Awakening Commissions

I take part in an online Mage: The Awakening game, and a few of my friends commissioned a few portraits of their characters being badass. Seemed fitting to group them together to show off! First is a Obrimos named Hood, then a Thrysus named Butler, and a Moros named Jester. (I love drawing hot men doing magic so much.)

Hood1Butler Jester

The Faceless

I don’t think it’s any secret by now that I love drawing creepy things. Bring on the horror! This is a commission I got to do for Phil Garrad. I wish I got to do more creepy and painty stuff.


Misc Commissions

Here’s a collection of some commissions I’ve done over the past several months! Most are of people’s various RPG characters. There’s a large chunk, so next week there will be more posted!

AnnLing ArleneCommission1 ArleneCommission2 Draifen1 JackMavericksonFinal JennaFowlerKingGylf JennaFowlerMiriam


Fundraising Commissions

So, around Christmas I did a little fund raiser on tumblr and google+, offering up super cheap commissions so I could afford to buy my husband a nice gift. I ended up getting enough! It was a good holiday. These are super simple and quick, but thought I might as well share.

Abraxas Brian1 Brian2 Ho Xiaolung Kenari Kira NoahMoon Rowan Tadhg

Currently accepting commissions

If you’re interested in commissioning me, here’s some prices. Feel free to shoot me an email if you’re interested. Thanks!


  • Half body: 15$
  • Full body: 20$
  • Examples:

CalebFinal  ConnorFinal  Zoey


  • Half body: 25$
  • Full body: 35$
  • Examples:

 bearhug  AthenaFinished BMWLINES

Inked with Flat Color:

  • Half body: 35$
  • Full body: 45$
  • Examples:

 DualityFlats HouziCard

Inked with Shaded Color:

  • Half body: 50$
  • Full body: 75$
  • Examples:

AfricanNouveau coverWIP1 Hood1

Black and White Realistic Portrait:

  • $75 per person/animal.
  • Bust only. Must have a high quality photograph for reference.

(Example coming soon.)

Colored Realistic Portrait:

  • $100 per person/animal.
  • Bust only. Must have a high quality photograph for reference.



  • Background: Price varies depending on complexity.  Email for an estimate.
  • Extra characters: Multiply the prices above by the number of characters.
  • I’ll pretty much draw anything, even if its NSFW or gore related.
  • Please send your payment through the ‘Send money to friends or family’ option on Paypal. Otherwise it will charge me a fee.

Send me an email at to order! Please note that I only accept Paypal.

For the most part the process will go like this:

  • You email me an order! We discuss what can be done, and what you would like. I will give you a price quote. (It will almost always be the above price.)
  • I produce a preliminary sketch for you to approve. I will make changes to the sketch if necessary, until you’re satisfied. (If this takes more than 2 or 3 times I may ask for extra fees.) Realistic portraits must be paid for in advance, I do not give a preliminary sketch for them.
  • You send the payment through Paypal. I will not finish the drawing until I have received your payment.
  • I finish your drawing! Ta-da!

Note: These prices and process are for artwork that will not be published. If you’re interested in commissioning me to do artwork for a publication, send me an email and we’ll discuss prices.

Its been a long time coming… (Commission)

I’ve been working on this image for well over a year. Normally I’m not proud of taking so long to finish something, but… its really satisfying to work so long and so hard on something, and see it finished. And I’m actually proud of it! I think this is the longest I’ve worked on any artwork, ever. Whew!

I did this for one of my best friends, Trudi Topham. I really cannot ask for a better friend. She has been incredibly supportive and patient, not only with this picture, but as a friend. In return I made sure it was well worth the wait! And it seems so, cause she was over the moon when she saw it.


The main two figures are two of our RPG characters (World of Darkness psychics), that we’ve been playing for many years. The blond dude is mine, the scared to hell dude is her’s. The other people are mainly the main antagonists that they have encountered and overcome, and the two scenes depict two of the most notable times in their relationship. References were used for the four smaller figures. (You might recognize the actors/models we use for their pictures. 😉 )

Anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Please check out Trudi’s websites while you’re at it. She is a BRILLIANT writer!

Commission: The Fool

This is a commission ordered by Steve Perry. (I think that’s his name!) This is of his character named Caldwell, who is a mage from the RPG game Mage: The Awakening. He’s a mastigos, and Guardian of the Veil. Which happens to be my favorite combination. (Mmmm, mastigos…)

He wanted his character depicted as the Fool, and made into a tarot card, with some personal symbolism thrown in. I really like how it turned out! I’m working on another one as well for his wife. But using the High Priestess card. Keep an eye out for it.



Story of Charles du Beaumont (Character Portraits)

Here’s the huge project I mentioned. Hope you like it! This is for a very good friend of mine, Jessi Eichberger. It’s for her Master’s thesis. She’s pretty much designing a film from the ground up, I think. It looks pretty cool. It’s about Charles du Beaumont. This is the blurb she gave me: An eighteenth century French diplomat and spy who spent the first half of his life as a man and the second half as a woman (biologically he was male). He had been exiled for twenty years when he threatened to publish secret papers condemning the French monarchy of trying to invade England. The film focuses upon his return from exile into a hostile court as he tries to hide the secret of his true gender.

So, enjoy!

Charles de Broglie Charlotte Comte de Choiseul Fantasy Comte de Choiseul Duc de Praslin Fantasy Duc de Praslin Empress Elizabeth Guerchy King Louis XVI Le Chevalier d'Eon (1)  Marie Antoinette Moreaux Beaumarchais Prince di ContiMadame du Pompadour FantasyMadame du Pompadour