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Wedding invitations

My old college room mate asked if I could design her wedding invitations. How can I turn that down? They’re simple, but I just love how they turned out. So you get to see them too! There’s text that goes in the center, but obviously I left that off because–well, personal information and all. Both of their last names end with M, thus the double Ms.


Firey Birthintines Day

Another very special commission I did. This one I did for my very best friend, who has a birthday on Valentines Day. (Thus lovingly renaming the day Birthintines Day.) This is of one of her favorite RP characters, a psychic named Quentin with pyrokinetic abilities. (Could you guess!?) And yes, if you’re a fan of male models, his appearance is totally based off of Sean O’Pry.


Puppy Love

There are times that some commissions need their own posts. I’m very proud of this one, also because it was a Christmas present for my mother. It’s of her boxer, Rocky, who is seriously the sweetest dang dog in the whole world.


Strength Card

My best friend helped me to redo my website, (Seriously, could NOT have done it without her) so I drew her a picture in return! This is a WoD M:tA character, named Houzi. She wanted him depicted as the Strength card. It’s pretty rare for me to start and finish a colored picture in one night now a days, but I stayed up until it was finished–so happy with the results! Also, listening to Mulan’s Be A Man for 6 hours on repeat was pretty motivating. She loves it, I love it, awyeah.


Some Night Vale fanart, and my jewelry shop!

I try to keep this blog work related artwork only. (That’s what my art tumblr is for–warning, it has a lot of fanart and naked dudes doing stuff.) But… hell, I like this, so I’m going to share it.

If you don’t know what Welcome to Night Vale is, I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s a fictional podcast that is hella creepy, and funny! And with a gay host! I really couldn’t love it anymore than I already do. Its free to download on itunes, or you can stream it for freeĀ here. Anyway, hope you like this! I’ve been experimenting with sequential art a lot more, lately.

For those of you that haven’t heard the episode that this is pulled from, you can listen along by clicking this link.

boywithahatchet1 boywithahatchet2 boywithahatchet3 boywithahatchet4 boywithahatchet5 boywithahatchet6 boywithahatchet7

In other news, I’ve opened up an etsy shop to sell my jewelry on! Please check it out?

Here’s some samples of things I’m making/selling…

100_0457 100_0443 100_0402 100_0396 100_0342 100_0328 100_0325 100_0314 100_0282 100_0281

A few speedpaints

Just wanted to share these. I’m getting better at speedpainting. Tweeked my photoshop brushes a bit, created some pretty interesting effects, I think.

These are commissions my friend Jessi requested from me. More artwork for her Master’s thesis. Still got a bunch more to go!



Also, I’ll be out of town from the 14th-17th. I’m getting married! Until then don’t expect to see me around much. Still got some last minute planning to do!