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Barbarians of Lemuria – Part 1

I did a ton of artwork for Filigree Forge’s Barbarians of Lemuria: Mythic Edition book. So much that I probably won’t post everything, but I’ll do a few blog posts with my favorites! This week will be some character portraits I did for a sample game, featuring jungle adventures and river pirates.

JennaFowlerZusra JennaFowlerRaisha JennaFowlerLax JennaFowlerJankkar

Cosmology Maps for Hero’s Journey

I did these maps for Hero’s Journey last summer, and… Augh! I’ve been dying ever since to show them. Now that they are close to release though, I finally can!

These four maps depict important cosmology/mythology from ancient Egyptian, Greek, Hindu, and Egyptian cultures. I’ve never taken on such a big project before, but I really am over the moon with how they turned out. If you check out Hero’s Journey, you’ll see these maps in their books with labels, so you can identify all the little places, gods, and creatures. And trust me, there is a TON.

JennaFowlerEgyptianMapFinalSMALL JennaFowlerGreekMapFinalSmall

JennaFowlerHinduMapFinalSmall JennaFowlerNorseMapFinalSmall

Redemption RPG

I was over the moon to see that Silent Spirits Games managed to successfully complete their Kickstarter for Redemption! They have been some of the sweetest, most patient people I have ever worked with, and I hope the game ends up being very successful in the future as well. And other things the publish. Seriously, go look at their stuff.

Here’s a couple more concept sketches I did. Creating space ships is NOT my strongest skill, but they turned out alright, I think? Also some of the interior illustrations.

JennaFowlerArmory2 JennaFowlerByOtherMeans JennaFowlerForYourEyesOnly JennaFowlerPsionic JennaFowlerToolbox

JennaFowlerDropShipCONCEPTSKETCH2 JennaFowlerDragonClassEscortCONCEPTSKETCH JennaFowlerdGunMissleFrigate