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Redemption RPG

I was over the moon to see that Silent Spirits Games managed to successfully complete their Kickstarter for Redemption! They have been some of the sweetest, most patient people I have ever worked with, and I hope the game ends up being very successful in the future as well. And other things the publish. Seriously, go look at their stuff.

Here’s a couple more concept sketches I did. Creating space ships is NOT my strongest skill, but they turned out alright, I think? Also some of the interior illustrations.

JennaFowlerArmory2 JennaFowlerByOtherMeans JennaFowlerForYourEyesOnly JennaFowlerPsionic JennaFowlerToolbox

JennaFowlerDropShipCONCEPTSKETCH2 JennaFowlerDragonClassEscortCONCEPTSKETCH JennaFowlerdGunMissleFrigate

Some Night Vale fanart, and my jewelry shop!

I try to keep this blog work related artwork only. (That’s what my art tumblr is for–warning, it has a lot of fanart and naked dudes doing stuff.) But… hell, I like this, so I’m going to share it.

If you don’t know what Welcome to Night Vale is, I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s a fictional podcast that is hella creepy, and funny! And with a gay host! I really couldn’t love it anymore than I already do. Its free to download on itunes, or you can stream it for free here. Anyway, hope you like this! I’ve been experimenting with sequential art a lot more, lately.

For those of you that haven’t heard the episode that this is pulled from, you can listen along by clicking this link.

boywithahatchet1 boywithahatchet2 boywithahatchet3 boywithahatchet4 boywithahatchet5 boywithahatchet6 boywithahatchet7

In other news, I’ve opened up an etsy shop to sell my jewelry on! Please check it out?

Here’s some samples of things I’m making/selling…

100_0457 100_0443 100_0402 100_0396 100_0342 100_0328 100_0325 100_0314 100_0282 100_0281

Keranak Kingdoms + Redemption artwork

Hey guys! Just thought I’d stop by to drop a massive art dump onto you. Prove that I’m alive and doing lots of work!

I’ve actually been juggling a lot of projects lately. It’s been fun, but man, hard sometimes! Especially since I’ve been having some RL troubles as well. Eesh.

Here’s some artwork for you to enjoy, however.

This series is for Keranak Kingdoms Fantasy Setting, by DwD Studios. They’re portraits of the setting’s deities, along with their religious symbols.


I’m also working on a Sci Fi game called Redemption, by Silent Spirit Games. So far it’s still in the concept sketch stage, but here’s some of my favorites!



Keep an eye on this project. No doubt you will be seeing lots more!

A Tragedy in Five Acts Kickstarter

Hey guys! Been a while, huh? I haven’t been around much because of family issues, but I have been working on a few big projects that I’m pretty excited about!

One of which is called A Tragedy in Five Acts. A Tragedy in Five Acts is a roleplaying game in which five players work together to create a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions. It’s pretty awesome! And hey, it has my art!

Here’s a few of the sketches so far. (Not finished, just WIPs.)



The kickstarter only has 56 hours to go. So please take a moment to check it out, and perhaps consider buying? I don’t think you’ll regret it!

Even MORE Farewell to Fear art! (And some commissions!)

Hopefully you’re not getting tired of these yet. 😉 Here’s the last fashion plate, as well as another character sketch! This is Sister Rose, an exorcist with a kick ass dire wolf.

And to mix things up a bit, here’s a few commissions. (Some are still just inked, and need to be colored!)

All I can say after doing this painting is: FUCK YOU ARCHITECTURE! The angles and perspective is no where near perfect, but it’s just supposed to be a speed paint so I didn’t want to spend 20 hours on it.

Kick ass super heroine!

Super hot Renee Ritchie!

Farewell to Fear art collection

As the title says, here’s some Farewell to Fear art that I’ve done so far. Mostly sketches, fleshing out the fashion and visual culture of the various countries and guilds in the game. Of course, Farewell to Fear is being created by Machine Age Productions.



And meet Rune! He’s one of the cannon Mage characters in the game. Totally hot, charming, bad ass plus size male character. I love him.


Putting a bit of diversity in fantasy!

I’ve recently finished some artwork for a Legend supplement, published by Occult Moon. I had a lot of fun doing these sketches, mostly because I got to be creative. And push boundaries. I was a little nervous at first, considering I tried to… well, diversify the characters a bit. The characters were your classic fantasy archetypes: Fighter, Cleric, Thief, and Magic User.

I knew from the start that I didn’t want to draw them as all men. I wanted to depict strong females as well. I think the Fighter artwork speaks for its self. That is one bad ass bitch, with practical armor! For the thief I wanted to do another woman, but… a little more seductive. But I didn’t want to go too stereotypical with her. So I made her a little curvy, a little thicker, and not in too blatant of a sexy pose. I think it turned out pretty well.

I really like the other two as well. I’ve gotten some really good feedback on it, and I’m really happy I decided to make the cleric a PoC! Hopefully you’ll enjoy them as well.



Some WIPs, current projects, and portraits!

I’m alive! Really. As pretty much everyone knows, I’ve been having some issues with my hand lately. I have carpal tunnel, and the pain and numbness was pretty bad for a while. So took a break from drawing for the most part and tried to heal up. It’s doing a lot better lately! I’ve finally broken in my arm brace so it’s helped a lot. Learning to pace myself is good too.

I’ve been working on a ton of things, various different projects. Here’s a few!

I’m doing some mini figurines for James “Grim” Desborough for a 60s spy game. It’s been fun to do. Here are some of them that I liked.

Also working on some private commissions. Here’s one of my favs, for the wonderful Jeremy Kostiew. Some Exalted characters. It’s a huge pic, but it’s been fun to do. Sketch commission, obviously.

A few other commissions as well, but they’re not really far enough along to post a WIP or teaser.

Also… I’ve apparently gotten into doing digital portraits! They don’t take that long to do and were a blessing when my hand was in pain. Being able to just paint instead of keeping my hand stiff to ink outlines was good for my hand. I did the first one for fun for a friend of mine as a gift, and wouldn’t ya know, my mom saw it and begged me to do a couple for her. Never one to turn down money, I whipped one up… And she emailed it to about a hundred of her friends. Dang! And they all want ones too. 🙂 Who am I to complain?

Here’s the one I did for my friend, and then the one I did for my mom. It’s of her friend’s daughter, Elinor. (I sure hope she doesn’t read my blog, since it’s a surprise Christmas present!) I’m doing one of Elinor’s twin brother as well, but it’s not finished.

And here are some unfinished ones! Baby Victor, and a couple I’m doing of some woman’s father. One is him older, the other from an old photograph of him as a young man.

If anyone is interested in getting a portrait done, they’re 20$ each. They’re digital though, so it’s your own responsibility to get it printed and framed. Email me at if you have any questions.

Lets see… what else is new. Hmm. Looks like I (hopefully, if things follow through), will be signing up to work for Savage Mojo. I’m VERY excited about that! Got some other small projects that might come in the future as well that I’m looking forward to. More information about them when things start happening.

So, yeah… tl;dr: I’m not dead! Getting back to my original pace, pain be damned!

Emergency Commission Sale! Cheap prices!

EDIT #2: Tires ended up being more than I expected, so I’m looking to take one or two more commissions. Only thing is, I won’t be able to finish them before I leave for Gen Con, it’ll have to be done when I get home, after the 8th. Still interested? I’m also leaving tomorrow morning and will have no/little internet access during the con, so I might be slow to reply if you email me after tomorrow. But still! Email me at 

So, I’m going to Gen Con next week… but wouldn’t you know, when I go to get my oil changed on my car to prepare for it, they notice golf ball sized bubbles in my tires. My luck, huh? So I need to buy new tires before I can even think about making the trip. Not safe to drive otherwise. I barely have enough money to pay for the tires and the hotel/gas, but… that leaves no money for food and stuff. So to try to work up some fast cash for the trip, I’m gonna be doing a little  marathon of commissions. I’m only going to take as many as I can finish before the Con. I don’t want to come back to a flood of work. (Plus I already got other things I need to work on.)

Low prices, just for this!

Basically, here’s the offer:


$12 for a one character B&W sketch. Similar to the ones above. It’ll be a bit messy, with some simple shading. No background. I might add a few dollars to it if the character is really complex.


$20 for a one character inked drawing, with mostly flat/simple coloring. Again, similar to the above. No background. Might add up to five extra dollars if it’s very complex.

If you want more than one character in the drawing, or a more complex drawing, it’ll be extra. PLEASE don’t ask for one if you cannot pay for it NOW. The point of this is to get quick money. Also, only Paypal will be accepted.

Email me at if you are interested!

Another work in progress for Amaranthine

This is a couple of weeks behind schedule, urgh. My dog ate my tablet pen, so I had to order another one. And of course it took a week and a half to come in…

Anyway, here’s a WIP! Pretty much got the lines done, and I’m happy with it finally. Coloring it shouldn’t take quite as long, hopefully.

Any advice or critic?