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Strength Card

My best friend helped me to redo my website, (Seriously, could NOT have done it without her) so I drew her a picture in return! This is a WoD M:tA character, named Houzi. She wanted him depicted as the Strength card. It’s pretty rare for me to start and finish a colored picture in one night now a days, but I stayed up until it was finished–so happy with the results! Also, listening to Mulan’s Be A Man for 6 hours on repeat was pretty motivating. She loves it, I love it, awyeah.


Cover of A Simpler Time: An Amaranthine Supplement

Can I just say that I adored doing this cover? Seriously. One of the most inspired work I’ve done in a long time. I also discovered that I actually really enjoy making prints, even if they take forever. This is the cover of the Amaranthine supplement, A Simpler Time, by Machine Age Productions. In celebration of Black History Month!